Five Ways to Overcome the Identity Crisis Every Worship Leader Faces

By Brian Taylor

Have you ever found yourself asking the question, “Who am I?” or “Why am I doing this?” Maybe it was after a discouraging Sunday morning experience. Maybe you had to have that same conversation with that same volunteer again. Maybe you led worship for a room that felt lifeless and disengaged. You’ve found yourself asking if it’s all worth it.

I think we’ve all been there … but we don’t have to stay there. We can find the clarity and the confidence we need to do more than just survive in ministry, we can thrive.

The Challenge with a Platform

Here’s the problem: as worship leaders, we often link our value as a person to our performance on our platform. When we perform well, our self-esteem is soaring. When things go awry, so does our self-confidence, and with it, our self-worth.

More than that, we equate the value of our influence as a leader with the size of our platform. We don’t consider our potential for impact until we lead at a megachurch; we amass thousands of Twitter followers, or write a New York Times Bestseller. “That day,” we say, “all of this work will finally mean something! I will finally be able to make my mark.” Until that day comes, we strive and strain, longing for the day when we can be seen as valuable.

Created to Dream

Let’s be clear: those ambitions are not wrong. We were created to dream. God himself placed those desires in us. When seated in the right motivations, they can create momentum behind us, propelling us forward as we advance God’s kingdom.

What we often forget is that we already have someone who sees us in that light. If you are a parent, you have your children. If you are a husband, you have your wife. It may be your life group or your congregation of 75 people.

They’re not waiting for you to reach “superstar status” to listen to you. You have their ear and their attention now. You have an opportunity to make an impact right where you are.

You are not your platform. Your usefulness is not dependent on the size of the bat you bring to the table. You are uniquely designed by a Creator who placed in you infinite worth. There is nothing that can devalue what God values. Be confident in the One who began the good work in you. He will be faithful to complete it.

You are not your platform. There is nothing that can devalue what God values.

Five Ways to Cut the Ties

So here at five ways to cut the ties between your self-worth and the size and “success” of your platform:

1. Commit to being your best, here and now.

Don’t wait until “that day” to better yourself. Start today.

2. Treat few as if it were much.

This is a foundational biblical principle. You have to prove faithful with little before you can be entrusted with much.

3. Invest without expectation of returns.

The worst kind of leader is one who loves with ulterior motives. Don’t look at people or opportunities as your stepping stones.

4. Promote the success of others.

Instead of seeing others as a stepping stone, try to be one for them. When others see you as someone who sincerely desires them to be the best they can be, they’ll bring you along on the journey.

5. Remember your real audience.

God knows the desires your heart, and He sees behind the curtain. Trust in His promise and His providence. Believe that He only wants the best for you, and be content as He shows you what that is at every step.

Brian Taylor serves as Associate Pastor of Worship at Prestonwood Baptist Church.