Why should I be a part of the Prestonwood Network?

It’s no secret that we can do more together than we can on our own. Joining The Prestonwood Network allows churches that are like-minded to work together to plant and revitalize local churches. Many local church pastors want to help sponsor church plants, but do not know many church planters or have a set city in mind they would like to help in. The Prestonwood Network bridges that gap and helps connect local churches with strategic church planting partners they can have the utmost confidence in partnering alongside.

In addition to working together to plant and revitalize churches, benefits from being involved in The Prestonwood Network include access to Prestonwood staff, Bible Fellowship curriculum, possible staff hires through our intern program, as well as pastor retreats, and other means of being resourced and encouraged as a pastor.

How do I join the Prestonwood Network?

This is the easiest step. Simply fill out the form below and we will begin processing your request for partnership.

*There is no annual fee or expected missions giving. All we ask is a serious commitment to helping us plant and revitalize churches around the world.