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The Prestonwood Network exist to equip and encourage pastors while working together to plant and revitalize churches. 

Established in 2011 under the leadership of Dr. Jack Graham, the Prestonwood Network exists to resource and encourage pastors while working together to plant and revitalize churches. The Network is relationship-based and consists completely of Kingdom partnerships including: former Prestonwood staff that are now lead pastors, pastors that have a relationship with Prestonwood Church, and church plants that have been supported in the past. These are all part of the Prestonwood Network.


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In the late 1980s, eighteen-month-old Jessica McClure fell into a twenty-two-foot well in the backyard of a West Texas home, sparking a nationwide media frenzy centered for more than fifty hours on freeing “Baby Jessica.” But the well was only eight inches in diameter; how were rescue workers supposed to get her out?

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With the recent release of several videos showing the horrific truth about Planned Parenthood’s operations, there has not been a more opportune time to preach on the sanctity of life.  As pastors, we have to take a stand against the practice of abortion and bring the Church to the forefront of the issue.

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Daryl Jones was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He grew up in a Christian home and was baptized when he was 6 years old. At the age of 15, he responded to the Gospel and was re-baptized by his father. Although being raised as the son of a preacher, Daryl suppressed his call to the preaching ministry at the age of 17

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Ahh, Millennials… Church leaders are trying their best to figure out how to reach this segment of the population that reached adulthood around the year 2000. Once reached, though, Millennials are still far from commitment. Many Millennials select the parts of church membership in which they’d like to participate while leaving the other parts behind…


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Church Planter Interview: Brandon Bowers, Awaken Church – Charleston, S.C.

Brandon Bowers is the founding and lead pastor of Awaken Church. As a junior studying pre-law at the College of Charleston back in 2000, Brandon was introduced to Jesus and committed his life to follow and serve Him.

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Shutting the Back Door: How to Retain Visitors

“We receive many visitors every week, but not many of them stay.” One struggle that many churches face is an inability to retain visitors. If this describes your church, then be encouraged, because there are steps you can take to help reverse this trend.

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Pillars of a Healthy Small Group

One of the most vital Great Commission ministries for any church is the small-group ministry. At Prestonwood we employ a “Sunday School” model we call Bible Fellowship.  Our classes meet after Worship Service on Saturdays and before Worship Services on Sundays.

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SCOTUS Decision on Gay Marriage

This past week, the family once again came under attack in America. This is an old fight dating back to the Garden of Eden when Satan seduced the first family with lies and deception.

Every Man's Battle

Every Man’s Battle, And How to Win

It has been my experience through four decades in pastoral ministry that every church is only as strong as its men – as strong as their faith, their ingenuity, their confidence, their resolve, their commitment to walking in their ways and will of God.

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Church Planter Interview: Heiden Ratner, WALK Church – Las Vegas, N.V.

Heiden Ratner is the Lead Pastor of WALK Church, a church plant in Las Vegas, NV. Heiden and Neena Ratner were married in 2011 while Heiden was playing professional basketball in Israel. Heiden and Neena…

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