Important Network Update and Announcement

By Prestonwood Network Staff

We have a very important announcement and video from Dr. Jack Graham and Dr. Jarrett Stephens. Please take two minutes to watch below.…

Parents and guardians: Online School and the Dangers of Media Consumption

By Dr. Jack Graham

Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), school systems and private schools throughout…

Pastoral Care 101

by Phil Sallee

Remember when God called you to be a pastor, and you said yes? From the first day you became a pastor, you learned that one of the duties that would occupy the largest share of your time …

Spotlight Interview: Brandon Bowers

Prestonwood Network: How did God call and lead you to plant Awaken Church?

Brandon Bowers: I grew up in South Carolina and went to the College of Charleston. There I met my future wife, who actually led me to the

Identifying & Reaching Gen Z Preteens

by Matt Rucker

Ministry leaders, Psalm 48:13–14 instructs us to walk in the presence of God so that we may tell the next generation that God is their eternal guide. Whatever generation you may identify with, Generation Z (Gen Z) …


by Anthony Vargas

I can remember it as if it were yesterday. I had just left work, and as I pulled into my apartment complex, I noticed some teenagers playing basketball. I decided this would be a great way to …

Dr. Jack Graham on Election 2020

By Dr. Jack Graham

Election season is here, and Dr. Jack Graham wants to share with you his heart and his prayer for the 2020 election.…

Three Steps to Help You Battle Anxiety and Depression during COVID-19

by Dr. Jack Graham

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought fear, chaos, grief and isolation into our …

Training Teachers: The Ministry of “Change”

by Dr. Jason W. Snyder

American educator John Milton Gregory is quoted as saying, “Many teachers go to their work either partly prepared or wholly unprepared. They are like messengers without a message. They lack entirely the power and enthusiasm …

Loving Senior Adults from a Distance

By Alan Moore

Perhaps you are familiar with this quote from an unknown author: “If you think missing me is hard, you should try missing you.” This sounds like something the A.A. Milne character Eeyore would say, doesn’t it? One …