Campaign for Purity

Pornography is ravaging the hearts and minds of men and women worldwide. Today, the accessibility to pornographic images is simply a click away. Movie channels, the Internet, and apps such as Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and other media platforms provide unfettered …

Angels Who They Are, What They Do, and Why It Matters

“Aren’t angels kind of a—fringe topic?”

I was asking the question of my publisher’s marketing team, who had come to Dallas for a brainstorming session regarding the subject of the next book I was to write. In all my …

An Immutable Truth: The Health of Marriage and Ministry Intrinsically Connected

I love my wife. For 15 years and counting, she has been my best friend, my confidant, my biggest cheerleader, and the person who I know will be honest with me about anything and everything.

I love being in ministry. …

Family Discipleship: Equipping Parents to Build the Next Generation

Parents have a unique calling placed on their lives. The moment they receive news that they will welcome that bundle of joy into the world, God calls them to serve as the primary spiritual trainers for their child (Ephesians 6:4). …

Three Father’s Day Sermons

Father’s day is around the corner and this gives us an opportunity to speak specifically to the men and to the dads about what it means to live a legacy. So many people talk about leaving a legacy, but I …

Importance of Community Outreach

What is your church’s growth strategy? Do you have one? Unfortunately, for some church leaders, by default the strategy becomes “We hope we get some visitors this week.” As church leaders, in many ways, the growth of our church is …

Mother’s Day Sermons

Mother’s Day is here and Mother’s deserve to be honored. Mothers have been called from time to time the heart of the home. If the husband as the Scripture tells us is the head of the home, certainly the wife, …

Preaching Sources

As a preacher, you are constantly trying to improve your craft. Your goal is to be an effective preacher and communicator in order to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel. You spend countless hours studying Scripture, developing

The Old Testament’s Perspective on Easter

All throughout Scripture you see a template of God saving, but saving out of judgment. Adam and Eve sin in the garden, and God saves them. He is actually saving them from His own judgment. You see them leaving the …

Grace Church

Jay Mathis
Hometown: Waco, TX
Education: Bachelor of Arts from Baylor University
Twitter: @jaymathis66

Wife: Lydia Mathis
Wedding Anniversary:  July 9, 1988
Children: Jarrod & Lawrie (married to Jonathan Bomar)

Church Info
Name: Grace Church