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30 Days to Powerful Prayer

Pastor Graham walks you through Scriptures that will help strengthen your prayer life...and provides direction each day on a specific aspect of prayer. There is room to jot down your thoughts and prayer items for each day so you can go back and see just how God has answered your prayers. Experience God's purpose, presence, and power as you learn to pray with the eyes of your heart.

God’s Promises

God's Promises for Doubt-filled Days At some point, everyone goes through a difficult season, left wondering when God would come through. In this booklet, Pastor Jack Graham shares how the tragedy of his father’s murder revealed to him God’s steady comfort during times of trial. And he shares the four promises God makes as you search for comfort in the midst of your doubts.

New Life in Christ

New Life in Christ: Exploring the Essentials of the Christian Faith The Christian life is not intended to be a complex series of do's and don'ts, rules and restrictions, secret handshakes and "Christianese."  Far from it: Christianity is a relationship, between the lover of your soul and you. In this simple, straightforward guide, you will discover the handful of building blocks necessary for enjoying a vibrant walk with Christ, as well as helpful hints for structuring a life that is please to Him. As the Psalmist prayed, may you know "the joy of your salvation" each day you live to serve Christ.


Pause: Resting in God Instead of Stressing Out Do the words rested… peaceful… and refreshed describe you today? Or do the words stressed… rushed… and pressured better describe your way of life? If you’re like most Christians, you’d probably have to admit those last three words more accurately describe your life most of the time! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way… even when your life is one big pressure-cooker. And in Pastor Graham’s new book, Pause: Resting in God Instead of Stressing Out, he’ll show you why. Based on the principles from Paul’s letter to the Philippians and Psalm 23, Pause will help you find true peace...

Lessons from the Heart

Lessons from the Heart: Learning to Trust God for True Peace, Fulfillment and Joy The condition of your heart will determine the quality of your spiritual life. Pastor Jack Graham has a passion for people to develop a heart that trusts and follows God. In his new book, he teaches readers that trusting God is not only an act, but an attitude, a process which just begins when one accepts Christ as Savior. Readers will be challenged and inspired to give their hearts fully to the Lord. A heart that is fully trusting in the Lord is not easily led astray.


TRIUMPH: How You Can Overcome Death & Gain Eternal Life The one thing that is 100 percent certain is the fact that one day, we all will die. While this isn't something we tend to dwell on, it is a reality. When that day comes, will you be ready, will you triumph over death? In this book, Pastor Jack Graham shows you how you can triumph over death and enjoy an eternal life in the presence of God forever!


ASK: Unleashing the Power of Prayer Our world is in turmoil … unstable … full of pressures and uncertainties. And sometimes the problems can seem so overwhelming we wonder if there are any answers to the needs, to the troubles, to the tribulations we face. But there is an answer. And that answer is found in prayer. In fact, God is looking for people like you and me who will so connect with Him in prayer, that He can unleash His power through us. It is a power to overcome any trial, any difficulty, and any challenge. It’s a power that can change our world! When we learn to pray the kingdom...

Promise of Persistent Prayer

If you’re like most Christians, you would agree that prayer is a vital part of a vibrant spiritual life. But when it comes to your personal prayer life, perhaps there’s a difference between what you sayand what you do. To me, the reason for this is clear: most people don’t really know how to pray. In this book Pastor Graham show's how you can tap into the promises of God and open the floodgates of His blessings. And he share's with you the one thing that really matters when it comes to making your prayers heard.

Culture Wise

Culture Wise: Thinking about Seven Societal Wrongs Society has its own answers to questions about creation, capital punishment, same-sex relationships, drinking, and more. So it can often be hard to wisely express your faith and beliefs in our culture. Culture Wise: Thinking about Seven Societal Wrongs will help you handle seven prickly issues prevalent in our society with grace and compassion.