The Book of Nehemiah

Sample: Week 1- Nehemiah 1

Week 1 – A Godly Leader Depends On & Trusts in the God of All Things (Nehemiah 1)
Summary: When Nehemiah hears of the state of Jerusalem, he cries out in prayer to the Lord. He prays day and night. We see here that he is a man dependent on the Lord’s hand and he trusts the Lord in who He says He is.

Week 2 – A Godly Leader Serves Well (Nehemiah 2:1-8)
Summary: Nehemiah, from the beginning of chapter 2, we see is a good and pleasant servant to the king. Multiple times we see him say, “if it pleases the King and if your servant has found favor.” The fact that the king granted Nehemiah’s requests means that the king found favor in Nehemiah. Nehemiah, before he becomes the leader for rebuilding the wall, is a good and humble servant.

Week 3 – A Godly Leader Is Moved To Action (Nehemiah 2:9-20)
Summary: Nehemiah wastes no time to go and help the situation of the wall. He prayed the Lord would move and act and when He did, Nehemiah was off. He acted. He did not sit idle.

Week 4 – A Godly Leader Provides Vision That Unites & Equips (Nehemiah 3)
Summary: In chapter 3 we read of all those that helped. This is remarkable. This gives evidence to Nehemiah’s leadership. He came in, gave a vision, and he united all the people to help with the task and he equipped them to do so. That is what a true leader does.

Week 5 – A Godly Leader Remains Faithful & Wise Through Opposition (Nehemiah 4)
Summary: In the face of opposition Nehemiah did not falter. He stayed his course and remained faithful not only in his trust in the Lord, but in the task of rebuilding. He was wise when the attempt was made to trick and deceive him.

Week 6 – A Godly Leader Is A Voice For The Voiceless (Nehemiah 5)
Summary: Nehemiah not only oversaw and led the efforts in the rebuilding of the wall, he gave a voice to those that were being oppressed He spoke for them and aided them in their distress. He did not find himself too lofty or too high in his position.

Week 7 – Nehemiah 6:1-14 

Week 8 – Nehemiah 6:15-7:73

Week 9 – A Godly Leader Leads Others To Treasure The Lord (Nehemiah 8)
Summary: After the wall is built, he turns the people’s attention to God’s Word. He points them to the True Rebuilder, the True Protector. Nehemiah desires for them to treasure the Lord.

Week 10 – A Godly Leader Confesses Sin & Seeks Godliness (Nehemiah 9)
Summary: After turning to the Word, the people confess and repent. This is what a godly leader does. He does this corporately and he does this privately. He is humble in his leading and by that is willing to confess sin and welcome critique. His desire is a life of godliness.

Week 11 – A Godly Leader Is Committed (Nehemiah 10)
Summary: We see in chapter 10 the people commit themselves to the covenant. This is a statement of purpose and perseverance. The people are committed to God’s way, not their own. 

Week 12 – Nehemiah 11 (Focus on the need for Leaders, Overseers and Priests)  

Week 13 – A Godly Leader Celebrates God’s Faithfulness (Nehemiah 12)
Summary: At the dedication of the wall, there is celebration. Celebration and singing for what God has done. Nehemiah arranges this and this is a lesson for leaders. We must have a time to celebrate and remember what God has done and how he has been faithful. We must remember that it is he alone that gives us the ability to finish and complete his tasks.

Week 14 – A Godly Leader Doesn’t Stop Leading (Nehemiah 13)
Summary: We know that after Nehemiah left, he returns because the people have fallen back into sin and doing things that shouldn’t be done. Nehemiah continues to lead the people because even though he left and returned, he understands that true leadership never ends. He doesn’t leave them be. He continues to invest and stay involved.

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