Sample: Week 1 – Isaiah 1-2:5

Week 1 – The Messiah who Cleanses Sin (Isaiah 1-2:5)

Our sin demands punishment, and only in grace through the Messiah do we find peace.

Week 2 – The Messiah who Dwells with His People (Isaiah 7:1-17)

Hope and security comes through God’s promises, presence, and salvation, confirmed in the Messiah.

Week 3 – The Messiah who Brings Light (Isaiah 8-9:7)

God’s presence brings joy to his people and judgement to the unfaithful.

Week 4 – The Messiah who Brings Peace (Isaiah 26)

Jesus gives us peace, makes us peaceful, and keeps us at peace because of who He is and what He has done.

Week 5 – The Messiah who Reveals (Isaiah 40)

God reveals Himself in great power and might, offering us rest as we wait on Him.

Week 6 – The Messiah who Reveals, Part 2 (Isaiah 42:1-17; 43:1-14)

God’s chosen servant walks in obedience to fulfill God’s promises and free God’s people to sing with joy and testify of redemption in Christ.

Week 7 – The Messiah who Humbly Suffered (Isaiah 53)

The humble servant suffered to fulfill God’s plan and secure our salvation.

Week 8 – The Messiah who Proclaims Good News to All (Isaiah 61)

Jesus comes in the power of the Spirit to free His people from sin, restore them to God, and bring abundant joy.

Week 9 – The Messiah who Shepherds (Jeremiah 23)

Living in the promises of the righteous Branch, Jesus Christ, guards false teachers and grants grace to proclaim the Gospel faithfully.

Week 10 – The Messiah who Restores (Jeremiah 33)

God restores His people through His Son and the New Covenant revealed in His Word.

Week 11 – The Messiah who Guides (Ezekiel 34)

God brings judgment upon the wicked and guides His people with justice and peace.

Week 12 – The Messiah Brings Abundant Life (Ezekiel 34)

God revives and restores His people in the power of the Spirit and through the work of Christ.

Week 13 – The Messiah who Stands with Us (Daniel 3)

Jesus stands in love to preserve us and protect through every challenge of life.

Week 14 – The Messiah who Stands with Us (Daniel 7)

God stands in authority over all thins, and He will one day return to consummate His kingdom forever.

Week 15 – Christmas Study (Assorted Scripture – Major Prophets)

Jesus is the Savior, God’s gift to the world.

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