Church Planter Interview: Josh Wyatt – Boston, Mass

Josh Wyatt is the Lead Pastor of Charles River Church, a church plant in Boston, Massachusetts, that was planted in 2010. The church is located in the western most neighborhood of Boston, a neighborhood of 70,000 people which previously had little to no English-speaking / Gospel-preaching presence. The neighborhood is among the most affordable in Boston and, as a result, draws a great diversity of young families and young professionals seeking to lay down roots in the city.

Charles River Church’s desire has been to plant a church that will reach this ethnically diverse mix of young professionals and families. We held our grand opening service on October 17, 2010 in a Boston public high school and currently gather for worship at the Boston School of Modern Languages (an old church building converted into a school). We are overjoyed to return this facility to its original intent, the worship of Christ and the edification of His people!

To know more about Josh access the Josh Wyatt Bio.

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