All For Good

Sample: Week 1: Genesis 37:1-11

  • Week 1 – God has a plan for our lives, for our good (Genesis 37:1–11)
  • Week 2 – God is with us in the pits of our lives, training us to lean on Him. (Genesis 37:12-36) 
  • Week 3 – God blesses those who are faithful and righteous, even when they are in lowly positions or difficult situations. (Genesis 39:1–6) 
  • Week 4 – Flee from sin and maintain your integrity no matter the consequences. (Genesis 39:6b-20) 
  • Week 5 – God is with us even in difficult times. (Genesis 39:21-40:23) 
  • Week 6 – God is working all things together for His plan. He uses His people to accomplish His purposes, and sometimes even uses supernatural means. (Genesis 41:1-36) 
  • The Great Commission – Jesus commands His followers to participate in the Great Commission. (Matthew 28:18–20)
  • Week 7 – When we are faithful, we can be a witness to the world of the power and wisdom of God. (Genesis 41:37-57) 
  • Week 8 – Instead of seeking revenge, believers are to show compassion and generosity to those who have hurt them, especially in their times of need. (Genesis 42-43) 
  • Week 9 – Those who have hurt us can repent and even change. (Genesis 44) 
  • Week 10 – God provides for us in our times of need. We can look back and see how He had been providing for us all along. (Genesis 45) 
  • Week 11 – God fulfills His promises to His people. (Genesis 46) 
  • Week 12 – God always provides for His people, sometimes in unexpected ways. (Genesis 47:1-12) 
  • Week 13 – God puts some of His people in positions of power, even secular power, using them to accomplish His will. (Genesis 47:13-31)
  • Week 14 – God blesses all of His people, not just the ones the world sees as important. (Genesis 48-49) 
  • Week 15 – God calls believers to forgive others, as God in Christ forgave them. (Genesis 50) 

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