Sample: Week 1 – Acts 1:1-11

Week 1 – The Spirit empowers us to continue the work of Jesus (Acts 1:1-11).

Week 2 – Prayerful obedience unites God’s people to accomplish His plan (Acts 1:12-26).

Week 3 – The Church is built on the finished work of Jesus and filled by the Spirit of God (Acts 2:1-41).

Week 4 – A healthy church is marked by biblical commitments and the fruit of those commitments (Acts 2:42-47).

Week 5 – Christ’s power is made present through the witness of our deeds and words (Acts 3).

Week 6 – Sharing the Gospel doesn’t always lead to favorable responses, but God works through our faithfulness (Acts 4:1-31).

Week 7 – The Gospel creates communities marked by unity, generosity and honesty (Acts 4:32-5:11)

Week 8 – God works through His Church in times of popularity and persecution (Acts 5:12-42).

Week 9 – The Church grows and the Gospel spreads through healthy, Christlike leadership (Acts 6).

Week 10 – The history of God’s work in our lives provides conviction and confirmation of God’s goodness and provision (Acts 7:1-53)

Week 11 – God’s people find life in Christ, even through persecution and death (Acts 7:54-8:3)

Week 12 – Through the Holy Spirit, the Church is able to do powerful works in Jesus’ name (Acts 8:4-25)

Week 13 – Joining God’s mission requires a willingness to follow His voice and study His Word (Acts 8:26-40)

Week 14 – When we encounter God, our lives are change dramatically for His purposes (Acts 9:1-31)

Week 15 – When we participate in God’s work, we reap results far beyond our expectations (Acts 9:32-43)

Week 16 – God uses our faithful obedience fo fulfill and reveal His purposes (Acts 10:1-48)

Week 17 – The Gospel is for everyone (Acts 11:1-13:3)

Week 18 – Bold Gospel presentations ignite both opposition and reception (Acts 13:4-52)

Week 19 – God equips His people to remain faithful witnesses through all they encounter (Acts 14)

Week 20 – Believers receive salvation by faith in what Jesus accomplished, which compels us to live in a Christlike way (Acts 15:1-35).

Week 21 – When circumstances are unpredictable, we can trust God to build His Church (Acts 15:36-16:40).

Week 22 – The Gospel might offend and confuse the nonbeliever, but it has the power to save and transform (Acts 17).

Week 23 – God is faithful to encourage us in various ways when we face tough seasons of ministry and life (Acts 18).

Week 24 – God can use any type of person to overcome any type of obstacle that stands against His mission (Acts 19).

Week 25 – Christians are called to the work of the ministry even in difficult times (Acts 20).

Week 26 – Those who follow Christ are called to share in the weight of His mission (Acts 21:1-26).

Week 27 – God orchestrates opportunities for His people to faithfully represent Him.

Week 28 – Believers have the opportunity to display the Gospel when they are treated unfairly (Acts 22:30-24:27).

Week 29 – Believers have the opportunity to display the Gospel when they are treated unfairly (Part 2, Acts 25:1-26:32).

Week 30 – Even when He leas us through turbulent waters, God keeps His promises to us (Acts 27).

Week 31 – God invites His people to represent Christ through the relationships they build (Acts 28:1-16).

Week 32 – God sends us throughout the earth to live as His faithful representatives.

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