The Letter to the Romans

Sample: Week 1 – Romans 1:1-7


Week 1 – Paul’s Greeting (Romans 1:1‐7)
The Gospel sets us apart as servants of Jesus Christ our Lord to all nations.

Week 2 – Righteous Shall Live By Faith (Romans 1:8‐17)
The Gospel is the power of God to reveal His righteousness and salvation to all mankind.

Week 3 – God’s Wrath on the Unrighteous (Romans 1:18‐25a)
Unrighteousness will bring on itself the judgment and wrath of a righteous God.

Week 4 – God’s Reaction to Unnatural Relations (Romans 1:18-25b)
Continued ignorance of the righteousness of God leads one further down the spiral of sin.

Week 5 – The Righteousness of God’s Judgment (Romans 2:1‐11)
The Lord does not show favoritism in His judgment or His blessing.

Week 6 – God’s Judgment and the Law (Romans 2:12‐16)
Judgment does not rest in the keeping of any one law, for there is no distinction in law-keepers and those without the law.

Week 7 – The Jew and the Law (Romans 2:17‐29)
Outward actions come up short unless there is a heartfelt obedience to the word of God by the conviction of the Spirit.


Week 8 – God’s Righteousness Upheld (Romans 3:1‐8)
The definition of God’s character is not dependent on the actions of man; it is seen clearly in the Scriptures, a great gift.

Week 9 – No One Is Righteous (Romans 3:9‐20)
All people are unrighteous, both the Gentile and the Jew, and are in need of the Gospel.

Week 10 – The Righteousness of God through Faith (Romans 3:21‐31)
Righteousness is not achieved through law, but only by faith in Jesus Christ.

Week 11 – Abraham Justified By Faith (Romans 4:1‐12)
From the point of the fall until the return of Christ, we have been, and always will be, saved by grace through faith.

Week 12 – The Promise Granted Through Faith (Romans 4:13‐25)
The righteous shall live by his faith.

Week 13 – The Effects of Justification by Faith (Romans 5:1‐11)
Understanding the past, present, and future benefits of justification (being declared righteous by God).

Week 14 – Death Through Adam, Life Through Christ (Romans 5:12‐21)
We lost our relationship with God because of Adam’s one sin, but Christ has restored that relationship fully through His one act of obedience. 


Week 15 – The New Life in Christ (Romans 6:1‐14)
As believers in Jesus Christ, sin no longer has possession of our lives because we have been “buried with Him by baptism” so we “might walk in newness of life.”

Week 16 – From Slaves of Sin to Slaves of Righteousness (Romans 6:15‐23)
Living under grace does not free us from obedience; it changes our master from self, which produces sin, to God, which produces righteousness.

Week 17 – Released from the Law (Romans 7:1‐6)
We are identified with Christ at the moment of our salvation, much like a husband and wife on their wedding day.

Week 18 – Is the Law Sin/Sin’s Use of the Law (Romans 7:7‐12)
The law, which is God-given, illuminates the sin of my self-centeredness.

Week 19 – The Problem of Sin in Us (Romans 7:13‐25)
In the process of sanctification, we believers will face a constant struggle between our new nature and our old sin nature.

Week 20 – The Life‐Giving Spirit/Flesh vs. Spirit (Romans 8:1‐11)
No matter what our flesh might say, the Spirit gives us life and we stand before God blameless in Christ.

Week 21 – Heirs with Christ/ The Family of God (Romans 8:12‐17)
Paul describes us as joint heirs with Jesus because we have been adopted into the family of God.

Week 22 – Future Glory (Romans 8:18‐30)
There is a sure hope for the believer and for creation itself to experience true freedom in the glory to be revealed to us.

Week 23 – The Believer’s Triumph (Romans 8:31‐39)
God’s Love for the believer is eternal. 


Week 24 – Israel and God’s Sovereign Choice (Romans 9:1‐18)
God’s sovereignty and human responsibility are non‐competing realities of life.

Week 25 – God’s Wrath and God’s Mercy (Romans 9:19‐29)
Israel’s rejection does not nullify God’s faithfulness but serves to illustrate the fact that God is able to be both just and merciful at the same time.

Week 26 – Israel’s Unbelief (Romans 9:30‐10:13)
Words matter. There is power in the written and the spoken word—power that can be used to glorify Jesus Christ our Lord to all nations.

Week 27 – Israel’s Rejection of the Gospel/The Proclamation (Romans 10:14‐21)
Paul has shown that while general revelation is enough to condemn us, specific revelation is needed to save us. In order for people to receive the Gospel, we must be faithful to pass on the Gospel that we know to be true, and introduce Jesus as Lord to all nations.

Week 28 – Israel’s Rejection Not Final (Romans 11:1‐10)
God did not reject Israel; they rejected Him and His son.

Week 29 – The Restoration of Israel/The Tree and It’s Branches (Romans 11:11‐24)
God blesses the Gentiles with the Gospel to provoke Israel to jealousy in order to bring them back into the channel of blessing.

Week 30 – The Mystery of Israel’s Salvation (Romans 11:25‐36)
The restoration of Israel is secured in the promises of God found in His covenant with the nation.


Week 31 – Spiritual Worship and the Church (Romans 12:1-8)
As Christians, we are to sacrifice ourselves to God and serve the body daily.

Week 32 – Marks of a True Christian (Romans 12:9‐21)
Hate what God hates and love what God loves.

Week 33 – Submission to Authority (Romans 13:1‐7)
Obey the leadership God has placed over you and in turn, you obey God.

Week 34 – Love and Light (Romans 13:8‐14)
Love others, not just with words but with your actions.

Week 35 – The Law of Liberty (Romans 14:1‐12)
We need to give grace to those weaker in the faith and, by doing so, model what strong faith can really accomplish.

Week 36 – Do Not Cause Another To Stumble (Romans 14:13‐23)
Our liberty must be used to build up others in the faith, not to indulge ourselves at the expense of others.

Week 37 – Glorifying God Together (Romans 15:1‐13)
God wants both the strong and weak to serve together in unity based on the hope given to us by the Holy Spirit.

Week 38 – The Minister to the Gentiles (Romans 15:14‐33)
Much like Paul, we are to remain faithful to the mission and ministry that God has called us to do, knowing we will receive a great joy and reward for our obedience.

Week 39 – A Warning and Praise (Romans 16:1‐27)
The body of believers is crucial to our personal understanding and application of the Word, God’s will and His Gospel.

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