The Book of Kings

Sample: Week 1 – 1 Kings 1


Week 1 – King for a Day (1 Kings 1)
God alone establishes who His authority is on earth. Man can either rebel and sin or accept His will and receive grace.

Week 2 – For Every Action There is a Consequence (1 Kings 2)
All sin can be forgiven by a loving God, but each sin will have consequences because He is a just God, too.

Week 3 – Wisdom is a Heart Issue (1 Kings 3-4)
Wisdom is more than the ability to make wise choices. Wisdom is a matter of the heart and to whom the heart belongs.

Week 4 – It’s Your Calling (1 Kings 5-7)
God’s people are called to worship the living God by building “a house for the name of the LORD.”

Week 5 – Pathway to Revival (1 Kings 8)
True spiritual revival comes from confessing sin and worshiping the one true God.

Week 6 – Success in God’s Eyes (1 Kings 9-10)
Success in God’s eyes is not prosperity but a life committed to obeying Him.

Week 7 – Disobedience Leads to Ruined Lives (1 Kings 11)
God clearly defines what obedience should look like and when we choose to disobey, there is a break in our relationship with Him that impacts every aspect of our lives. 


Week 8 – God’s Plan or Your Plan? (1 Kings 12-13)
The counsel of men is never a substitute for the power of God’s word.

Week 9 – Sins of the Father (1 Kings 14-15)
The legacy we receive and the one that we’ll create can either lead people away from the Lord or move them to submit to God’s power.

Week 10 – God Uses His Power to Meet Our Every Need (1 Kings 16-17)
Despite the chaos we face, God uses His power to meet our needs for our good and His glory.

Week 11 – Time to Choose (1 Kings 18)
It is time to choose whose power you will serve. 

Week 12 – When Dreams Die (1 Kings 19)
God uses times of testing to teach us more about His sovereignty and power.

Week 13 – A Tyrant’s Judgment and God’s Mercy (1 Kings 20-22)
God punishes persistent disobedience, but displays His love and power by showing mercy to those who seek Him.

Week 14 – Passing the Torch (2 Kings 1-2)
God is all-powerful and faithful to His servants, both now and later. 


Week 15 – God’s Faithful Provision (2 Kings 3-4)
God is sovereign and will provide for those who seek Him even when they’re surrounded by the faithless.

Week 16 – Faltering Faith and Faithless Fraud (2 Kings 5-6:7)
Our sovereign God pardons those who seek Him with even a little faith, but punishes those who pursue their own gain.

Week 17 – God’s Powerful Provision (2 Kings 6:8-7)
God demonstrates His sovereign power through His faithful provision, but the faithless are excluded from His blessings.

Week 18 – God’s Sovereign Hand in Justice and Judgment (2 Kings 8)
God demonstrates His sovereignty in restoring the righteous and judging the wicked.

Week 19 – Jehu and Spring Cleaning (2 Kings 9-10)
God demonstrates His sovereignty in restoring the righteous and judging the wicked.

Week 20 – An Intervention Saves the Day (2 Kings 11:12)
Spiritual recovery demands the recognition of God as our true king and the restoration of proper worship of God.

Week 21 – Consequences and Compassion (2 Kings 13-14)
Disobedience brings about a sovereign God’s judgment, yet the Lord will not forsake His people.


Week 22 – Learn from Others (2 Kings 15-16)
God will use bad examples of others to encourage us toward our best.

Week 23 – Time’s Up (2 Kings 17)
God’s command to repent should lead to immediate obedience. If you hear His voice, do not harden your heart.

Week 24 – God’s Strength or Your Strength (2 Kings 18-19)
Our true strength and deliverance does not lie in our might, means, power or ingenuity, but in the Spirit and power of the Lord.

Week 25 – Thoughts Lead to Actions (2 Kings 20-21)
What we think about God determines if we live out a life that glorifies the Lord or a life that leads to self-destruction.

Week 26 – Faithful Renewal (2 Kings 22-24)
The right response to God’s faithful Word is a humble heart and repentant renewal.

Week 27 – It’s Over (2 Kings 25)
God is faithful to His Word even when we are not.

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