When All Hell Breaks Loose

By Brandon Bowers

I once heard an old preacher say that “for a person who believes in Jesus, this life is the closest they’ll ever get to hell.”

I believe that.
And I’ve seen it, too.

I’ve seen the handprint of hell wreak havoc in people’s lives.
I still get haunted by those moments from time to time.

The car wreck leaving a teenager fighting for life in the ICU.
Consoling a mom and two kids because her husband walked out.Informing a 13-year-old boy that his dad and hero committed suicide.
Grasping the hand of a family member who was dying of cancer.
Embracing the mom who has had yet another miscarriage.
Standing graveside for two teammates who died in a car crash.
Holding a stillborn child and praying over the parents in labor and delivery.
Worshipping on our city streets after the Mother Emmanuel AME tragedy.

Oh I’ve seen the hand of hell and I’ve felt the effects of Satan himself.
I’ve seen it. I’ve felt it. It’s real. It’s dark. It’s depressing and destructive.
And downright evil in every way.

The reality is this: While it’s hard to believe in times such as these, there is a God.
And He is in control.
And He is good.

Jesus Himself faced evil and He overcame it. He defeated sin, death and hell itself.
This is why, through Him, we can, too. Read the gospels. Remember the Cross?
I can’t think of a clearer picture of hell than the Crucifixion.
It seemed hell had won.

We know the opposite is true.
God is so much greater.

When all hell breaks loose in this life, and sometimes it will, it’s important to remember that.
To remember that God is in control.
To remember that He is so good.
To remember that He is for us.

And in the words of that old preacher, this is the closest to hell that you’re gonna get.
Your promise and your hope is waiting in heaven.

Never forget that.

Brandon Bowers serves as Lead Pastor of Awaken Church in Charleston, S.C. This article first appeared on his website, www.brandonbowers.cc. Follow Brandon on Twitter @_Bbowers.

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