The Minor Prophets

The Minor Prophets - A Call to Worship

Sample: Week 1 – Hosea 1-3

Week 1 – Marriage in God’s Story (Hosea 1-3)
God will reveal to His people their sin against Him in any way necessary for repentance.

Week 2 – Know Your Idols (Hosea 4-10)
God will never permit worship to any idol or sin (whether physical or physiological).

Week 3 – Jesus Has Compassion (Hosea 11-14)
God will always offer healing and covenant renewal to those who turn from their sin.

Week 4 – 9/11, Good, Evil and God (Joel 1-3)
God will use judgment in any form (natural or spiritual) to call His people back to Him.

Week 5 – It Doesn’t Love You Back (Amos 1-9)
God’s universal justice applies to the world’s sin and His people’s sin even more.

Week 6 – Gospel Opposition (Obadiah 1)
God will bring retributive judgment upon the enemies of His people and extend restoration to those oppressed.

Week 7 – Get a Bigger Vision (Jonah 1-4)
God’s love is not just for us but for those who have yet to trust in Him.

Week 8 – Judgment, Grace and Dead Ducks (Micah 1-7)
God will punish His people for their sins but also extends infinite forgiveness.

Week 9 – Fighting Spiritually (Nahum 1)
God will fight for His people in their struggle with unbelievers, sin and a fallen world.

Week 10 – God is Most Glorified (Habakkuk 1-2)
God extends righteousness not to the good person but to the one who has faith.

Week 11 – Worship in Weakness (Habakkuk 3)
God wants His people to wait and trust in Him far beyond their own comprehension.

Week 12 – Why Jesus Wants You To Lose Hope (Zephaniah 1-3)
God will return one day with judgment against those who sin and blessing for those who follow Him.

Week 13 – Reading the Bible Backwards (Haggai 1-2)
God requires His people to put His will before their personal wants.

Week 14 – Recycling Low Expectations (Zechariah 1-8)
God is sovereign over our day-to-day affairs and our future. He is orchestrating his heavenly host to prepare for His return.

Week 15 – Jesus is a Karma Buzz Kill (Zechariah 9-14)
God will send a ruler who will be without challenge. He will rule in righteousness with humility and will cleanse all of their iniquities.

Week 16 – A Father’s Covenant (Malachi 1-4)
God is not pleased with dead orthodoxy but calls His people to a renewed obedience and a living faith.

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