Spotlight Interview: Steven Lee

By Prestonwood Network Staff

Prestonwood Network: Share with us about your call to ministry and to church planting.

Steven Lee: God graciously saved me in the 10th grade and gave me a passion to share with everyone who I came in contact with the love of God found in the person and work of Jesus. The Lord has also given me a passion to seeing new gospel works started in areas of need. South Florida is ninety six percent unchurched—the need for Jesus-centered churches is great here. We are thankful to be serving the Lord here.

Prestonwood Network: What do you and your family love about the Coconut Creek, Fla. area?

Steven Lee: I feel almost bad saying this but the weather is great … lol. It averages about 70 degrees here year-round. We have a lot of friends and family who come here to visit and it is nice to host them. Coconut Creek is a beautiful, growing suburb outside of Fort Lauderdale. South Florida is a diverse place and our family has enjoyed developing relationships with all types of people here.

Prestonwood Network: What have been some of the challenges so far in planting Your Legacy Church?

Steven Lee: South Florida does have good churches here but not nearly enough to reach the 6 million-plus residents. The biggest challenge thus far is apathy. When you live in a place that feels like paradise, people don’t always see the need for church or God. South Florida is also a very expensive place and we know it will take three-to-five years to become self-supporting and have the financial resources to sustain long-term growth.

Prestonwood Network: Can you give us a story of how you have already seen God move during this season of preparation to launch on January 27, 2019?

Steven Lee: God opened an amazing space for us to gather, Monarch High School, which is right in the heart of the community we are seeking to reach. This was an absolute miracle! A church had been meeting in the auditorium for eight years and moved to permanent space just three months before our launch date. It was 100 percent God!

Prestonwood Network: What has you most excited for the launch?

Steven Lee: The opportunity to reach this city and community with the love and life-changing message of Jesus. There is a spiritual hunger here which we sense. We are praying that God will bless us to see the fruit of our labor and that many would be saved.

Prestonwood Network: What has God taught you during this season?

Steven Lee: God has taught me that the only way to have a long, sustained, and fruitful ministry is to completely rely and trust on Him. There have been uncomfortable seasons of waiting on a venue, waiting on a worship leader, and waiting on a launch team. In those moments of potential anxiety, I am reminded that Jesus grows His Church and partners with us to accomplish His mission.

Prestonwood Network: How can the Prestonwood Network pray for you?

Steven Lee: I am so thankful for Prestonwood. Your support, love and encouragement is out of this world. We would not be able to do what God has called us to do without you. Please pray for an amazing launch, pray for salvations, pray that God would send people to serve alongside of us, and pray for our leaders. In addition to this, please cover my family is prayer; we need it! Steven, Tiffany, Shania (9), Silas (6), Sawyer (5), Stephen (3), Shaw (1).

Prestonwood Network: Thank you for your time, Steven. We are grateful for your commitment to the work of the Gospel and to advancing God’s Kingdom. You and your family have our prayers.

Steven Lee serves as Senior Pastor of Legacy Church in Coconut Creek, Fla. More information on Legacy Church can be found here:

Please feel free to share a word of encouragement or prayer to him at

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