Gap Year Program

The Prestonwood Gap Year Program is a 35-week (nine-month) program designed to biblically train recent high school graduates who are working through a call to serve in vocational ministry. Gap Year students commit to serve a minimum of 20 hours per week. The Gap Year Program is not an internship, whereas interns are exposed to a wide variety of tasks within a ministry, Gap Year students focus on the depth of a specific role within ministry. Gap Year students gain their training through one-on-one, classroom-style settings. Students are given the opportunity to choose which ministry track they desire. These tracks are designed for students to be exposed to all facets of their desired ministry, learning the ins and outs of the ministry.

Option 1: Men and women who have received a calling by God to full-time vocational ministry but are unsure of which ministry they feel called to serve, can choose five different ministries to serve over the 35 weeks (seven weeks per ministry).

Option 2: Men and women who have received a calling by God to full-time vocational ministry and are sure of which area of ministry they are called to serve, can serve the full nine months in that ministry.

The goal is to mentor, train, and give students the opportunity to experience real-life church ministry under the leadership of Prestonwood Baptist Church pastors and staff. This program will allow students to experience ministry on a deeper level, helping them to explore God’s call on their life through mentoring, discipleship and community.

To apply for the Prestonwood Gap Year Program, please complete the application below and we will begin processing your application.

Gap Year Program Application
If you have any questions about the Gap Year Program, contact Matt Crawford at (972) 820-5168 or via email at