Church Curriculum

Church Curriculum

There are many benefits to using curriculum, and we have seen a marked impact in the life of our church through these resources.

Church Unity

A church is most effective when it is unified. Providing a common biblical theme for classes to teach encourages the hearts, minds and bodies of the church to work together for a unified purpose.

Teacher Preparation

Curriculum will help to guide teachers through biblical material and prepare a well-balanced and well-researched lesson by providing an outline for the lessons, the main point of each passage, discussion options for class interaction and valuable commentary.

Sound Doctrine

Curriculum helps to safeguard the Scriptural soundness of what is being taught in each class.

Biblical Continuity

Effective lessons are not disconnected from one another, but instead they build upon one another. Using curriculum builds continuity into each week throughout each series. It also encourages members and visitors to commit to a class so they will not miss out on valuable aspects of each series.

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