Preaching Source

By Dr. Steven Smith

Have you ever felt that your sermon could use some assistance?  This is a tough feeling.  After all the people closest to us, family and church members, are often not in the best position to offer substantial help.  You may feel like you need an outside consultant to help.

Here is a network resource to do just that… 

Dr. Steven Smith, professor of preaching at Southwestern Seminary, is here to help critique your sermons and offer help with everything from sermon structure to sermon delivery.  Steven has taught preaching for 12 years and enjoys serving pastors in this way.  After watching your sermon, he will provide a write up, which will be followed by a phone consult.  This is another way that the network is here to serve you.

If you are interested in a preaching consultation just send a link to a video to Dr. Smith will reply and get the conversation started.

Here’s to faithfulness to the text!