Online Campus Volunteer Team

What are the Volunteer Roles?
Just like any other campus launch, Our Online Campus needs volunteers to make things move along smoothly. Here are the three main volunteer opportunities:

Chat Host – During an online worship service, there is a general chat room on the same page as the video content. This is where a Chat Host serves and their job is to welcome online attenders as they join the chat, listen to needs, answer questions, engage with attenders on experience content and direct to additional resources after the experience is over.

Live Prayer Host – During an online worship service, a user can click on the “Need Prayer” button and open up a private chat window with a Live Prayer Host. The job of the Live Prayer Host is to simply pray via text in a one-on-one chat room and offer next steps which could be a follow-up email or simply inviting them to come again next week.

If you are interested in serving on Prestonwood’s Online Campus team, fill out the form below and check off “I would like to serve on the Online Campus Team”. We will then send you more info, train you and get you serving!

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