How Can I Help?

How Can I Help?


Your church can commit to praying specifically for a planter, city and region. There are numerous ways your church can do this. You can go to the Network Churches link above where we have everyone of our planters, their families, and their stories. You can simply pray online for them. Also, pray for us as we try to support them and pray that God would bring other partners together beside us.


Your church can support church planting by involving its members personally in ministry with the church planter. For example, your church may want to send mission teams to assist church plants or seek to mobilize individuals within your church to be sent as short or long-term missionaries as a part of the planting team.


There are several ways that you can invest in the Network. One way is by traveling to a Network Church Plant location on a vision trip and to hear from church planters on the ground as they explain the kingdom presence in their city.

You will have the opportunity to see the desperate need for church planting and how you can participate in reaching these cities. Other ways to invest are by partnering with a specific church or attending a short-term mission trip to one of our Network Churches.

As a church develops a closer relationship with a church planter, some find that there are other tangible needs for which they can invest. If your church is able to participate in this way you could have the opportunity to invest in and provide for some of the specific needs many church plants have during their critical first years.