Free Three-Week Evangelism Series

By Prestonwood Network Staff

Churches desire to make disciples and they want people to be actively sharing their faith and interacting with unchurched people. That’s a good thing.

However, although many believers would like to be bold about witnessing for Christ, there is often a disconnect between aspiration and action. Many Christians are aspirational “witnessers”—always feeling good about wanting to share Christ but never following up on their desire to do so.

It is our experience that many Christians can be helped along the way. And just getting them started helps them to keep going. Oftentimes they simply need the tools or resources that will help them engage more evangelistically. Evangelism is not a natural activity— it often needs prompting to grow within a person’s life.

One way to do that is to provide resources to help them engage in sharing the Gospel. So we have created a free, easy to use, three-week evangelism series to help teach your congregation how to evangelize. This series is great for pastors, lay leaders and Sunday School teachers.

This series is broken down into three lessons:

Lesson One: Expectations – Week one addresses the expectations that a believer should hold concerning the process of evangelism. God’s role is to save the lost; man’s role is to share the Gospel with the lost.

Lesson Two: The Conversation – Week two’s goal is to help the learner become confident in holding a Gospel conversation.

Lesson Three: Illustrations – Week three provides three examples of witnessing from the New Testament.