Church Planter Interview: Joe Lightner – Indianapolis, IN

Joe Lightner is the Lead Pastor of The Legacy Stone Church, a church plant in Indianapolis, IN. Joe and Rebekah Lightner and Mark and Terra Caswell have been friends for many years.  Yearning for something, someone greater, God led them to start a church together.  They loaded their belonging into some moving trucks and moved their kids and dogs 1,000 miles north to Indiana in order to start a brand new church and legacy.  It was the ultimate road trip, kids crying and dogs barking…but they made it.

Our City

Why Westfield? Westfield is situated within Hamilton County, the fastest growing county in the Midwest.  Since 2000, Westfield has more than doubled in population and is projected to double again within the next 10-15 years.  In order to keep up with the population growth, more churches need to be started. It is positioned to leave a legacy that transforms the city of Indianapolis.

Our Vision

Is there something greater out there for me? That is the question of the human heart.  The majority seek to answer that question with the empty pursuit of more…more stuff of life and are never really satisfied.  Jesus promises that whomever builds their lives upon Him will find abundant life. That is what the Legacy Stone Church is all about, building lives upon someOne greater, building lives, families, kids, marriages, careers and so much more on Jesus.

Our Name

The Legacy Stone Church.  A name means everything.  Lasting Legacies are found in someOne greater, Jesus.  Stones are for building.  The name, Legacy Stone Church speaks to our vision which is to build lives on someOne greater.

If you are interested in partnering with The Legacy Stone Church or planting in Indianapolis, IN, contact Joe Lightner at or visit