Three Father’s Day Sermons

By Dr. Jack Graham

Father’s day is around the corner and this gives us an opportunity to speak specifically to the men and to the dads about what it means to live a legacy. So many people talk about leaving …

Mother’s Day Sermons

By Dr. Jack Graham

Mother’s Day is here and mothers deserve to be honored. Mothers have been called from time to time the heart of the home. If the husband as the Scripture tells us is the head of the …

Preaching Sources

By Dr. Steven Smith

As a preacher, you are constantly trying to improve your craft. Your goal is to be an effective preacher and communicator in order to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel. You spend countless

New Adult Bible Study Curriculum

The Minor Prophets

A Call to Worship

HOSEA 1-3  (Marriage in God’s Story)
God will reveal to His people their sin against Him in any way necessary for repentance.

HOSEA 4-10  (Know Your Idols)
God will never permit worship to any idol or …

The Letter to the Romans

Good News of God’s Righteousness


ROMANS 1:1‐7  (Paul’s Greeting)
The Gospel sets us apart as servants of Jesus Christ our Lord to all nations.

ROMANS 1:8‐17  (Righteous Shall Live By Faith)
The Gospel is the power of God to …

The Book of Kings

Experience God


1 KINGS 1  (King for a Day)
God alone establishes who His authority is on earth. Man can either rebel and sin or accept His will and receive grace.

1 KINGS 2  (For Every Action There is