Church Planter Interview: Rob Wilton – New Orleans, LA

Rob Wilton is the Lead Pastor of Vintage Church, a church plant in New Orleans, Louisiana. In January 2008, Vintage Church began with 25 people. Over the first two years God blessed Vintage as people were saved and baptized, the leadership team grew, and the attendance in community groups and worship gatherings continued to increase to over 150 people.

As Vintage Church has launched into its fifth year they have grown to more than 400 people, meeting at three campuses that gather on Sunday mornings through 4 services. They are anticipating even greater things through the Spirit of God.  Christ has called them to live the Gospel, love the city, and be the church by multiplying individuals, community groups and gatherings for the sake of reaching New Orleans and the world.  Vintage Church truly believe that God is going to use Vintage in such a way that He alone receives the glory.

If you are interested in partnering with Vintage Church or planting in New Orleans, contact Rob Wilton at or visit